Public Agencies

The public sector makes wide use of information technology to service the public and although their application requirements are in many cases similar to those of the private sector, public agencies work in environments that can be quite different from those found in the private sector companies. Terres Technology has been providing technical support to public agencies on the local, county, state and federal level and is conversant with those issues particular to public agencies.

Many years ago we were selected by agencies to do primarily mainframe development, often with a batch component, but more recently our work with public agencies involve some of the most current technologies including GIS, mobile applications and social media. Our work with an Emergency Response department makes use of the same leading edge technologies utilized by the most modern private sector organization.

Most of our contracts are obtained competitively based upon our proposals, presentations and the quality of our past experience. On occasion Terres Technology will act as a subcontractor to the primary contractor on a large government project.