Healthcare Services

Terres Technology is committed to providing outstanding IT services to the healthcare industry. This division supports the administrative, financial and clinical aspects of information technology and seeks to improve the quality, safety, efficiency and delivery of health care. The Health Care Division was conceived and founded by Dr. Michael Tanzer, a physician with a background in business and finance. Dr. Tanzer recognized the need for a dedicated IT firm utilizing its experience and knowledge in the field of health care.

Adoption of robust IT implementations have been slowed by concerns relating to cost, complexity, privacy and security. And the introduction of a new IT environment often requires both cultural changes and changes to the organization’s workflow. The Healthcare Services Division has been effective in addressing these concerns. The division and has completed well-received projects that have resulted in increased efficiency and improvement in the delivery of patient care.

Some of the areas that the Healthcare Services Division has been involved include:

• Electronic prescribing and electronic health records

• Privacy and security of healthcare information

• Healthcare system management

• Clinical information

• Research and investigational support

In all instances the accuracy, timeliness and completeness of electronic health data is paramount and making data available across all systems results in reduced cost and more efficient clinical services.