Application Development

To consistently develop quality business applications requires a team experienced in the different phases of application development led by project leaders with a history of success.

With a staff that includes project managers, business analysts, designers, skilled developers, QA and testing professionals, technical writers, system administrators, database administrators and operation personnel,
all versed in current technologies and
proficient in development methodologies,
Terres Technology has the resources to
ensure successful project completion.
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One cornerstone of our approach is the employment of appropriate system development methodologies by knowledgeable project managers. The development methodology used is determined in part by the project size and complexity and on the basis of our past experience. With experience using Agile Software Development, Joint Application Development, Prince2, Prototyping, Rapid Application Development, Rational Unified Process, Spiral Methodology and the traditional Waterfall Methodology, we are well positioned to apply the best development framework to the development project at hand. To manage projects we use one of a number of project management tools to monitor the progress of projects, identify critical paths, track tasks, milestones, schedules, resources and project finances.

Probably at least as important as our technical skills and experience is our ability to listen to the client. We understand that the most technically compelling application has little value if it does not reflect the requirements of all the stake holders in the business. We therefore place great emphasis on the application’s design, project plans and the acceptance of application prototypes.